Background Portfolio 

Miriam Hidalgo


On this page I want to show some of the work I did as a background artist, mainly as a color artist.

Here are a few examples and if you are interested in seeing more please visit my website.

Nocturna is a 2007 Spanish film directed by Adrià Garcia and Víctor Maldonado, for Filmax animation.

In this film, I worked as a color background artist.

In 2007 it won the Goya in the category of best animated film.

Here you can see some designs from a personal projects looking for style and clean up while thinking about overlays and underlays.

And this one just for fun.

As a color background artist I had the privilege of working on large and small productions, one of which was Chico & Rita.

Chico & Rita is an animated film directed by Fernando Trueba, Javier Mariscal and Tono Errando and released for the first time in Spain in 2010.

In 2011 it won the Goya in the category of best animated film and in 2012 it got a nomination for the Oscar Awards®, also as best animated film.

Below are a couple of examples of my work at EDEBITS.

My work on the series was as a supervisor and color background artist between the years 2005-2007.

Edebits is a Spanish series from 2007 distributed by the Edebé group, directed and produced by Carlos Roca. Scientific supervision was carried out by Eduard Punset and his Smart planet team.