Client work

This page shows a variety of works as a Color Artist.

Covers, comics or illustrations for the entire magazine. Some of these publications with regular circulation allowed me to work for a longer period with them.

Here we can see some examples of the works:

2012 – Color, Angry Birds- Star wars. Illustrated by COMICUP SL.

2013-2017 – Color, Lego Friends. Ilustrated by COMICON SL. – Comics with stories between 6 and 8 pages.

2009-2019 – Color,  Playmobil. Ilustrated by COMICON SL. – Comic + magazine cover, with stories between 6 and 10 pages.

2009-2017 – Official Colorist, Bummi. Ilustrated by Pepe Ferre, COMICON SL. – The work includes the entire cover and magazine.