Concept art – character design

Concept art

Client work

On this page there is a small sample of works as Character Design.

First, a 2D character design with photobash technique. (Personal project).

The second one, soldiers of the Union called Peacekeepers. They are a militarized police force, sort of like the stormtroopers in Star Wars. They wear an iconic helmet that makes them faceless / anonymous. They are fully armoured and carry a kind of quasi-futuristic rifle. And on the other hand, they represent oppression, police brutality and blind obedience.

The third, characters with a human appearance, even though they are not. They are pale, no characteristic features, hands and feet are dirty.

Over the course of the story, the female character grows a red light inside the chest and ends up becoming a tumor on the head. The technique used was photobash.

                                                             2021- 2D Character design photobash technique.

2013 – Concept Character, Unity Underground. Private commission for tabletop role-playing games.

2021- Concept Character. Private commission for short 3D animation film.